Episode 3

Moving Matters with Anthony & Karen Groves of D.C. Groves & Son

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About this Episode

In our third episode, my first husband and wife duo Anthony & Karen Groves discuss how Anthony took over the business, D.C. Groves & Son, at the mere age of 24, as a second generation removal man, after his father sadly past away at the age of 64, while on a removal with Anthony.

We discuss how Covid procedures put in place are limiting the number of moves at the moment to 2-3 a day rather than 4-5 with hired assistance, as they look to keep themselves, their staff and their customers safe.

We also discover that their low point from the past would be the purchase of Turks of Lydd from their friend Andrew in March 2008, where due to bad advice and the biggest collapse of world banks later that year the newly acquired company was forced into liquidated less than 12 months from purchase.

We learn about Anthony’s Director role within QSS, Quality Service Standards, and discover just how much Anthony loves standards, and how later in life he would like to become an auditor himself - you heard it here first!

We discover that Karen would like solicitors to change the exchange process, making it more like Scotland, and how Anthony would enforce tighter regulation of the moving industry.

Outside of the moving industry we find that Karen enjoys spending time with her daughters, Anthony enjoys spending his time fishing and gardening and how together they both work alongside the Lions Club, when not cruising.

And we end Moving Matters with 3, yes 3 funny moving stories, which I am sure most removers will relate too.


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