Colin Wynn is the Managing Director of Administer Software Limited, a provider of software to the UK’s Moving Industry.

Colin has been involved in the UK Moving Industry since 1986 where he first became involved in the development of Remstar at a small software house in West Wales called Harmeston Software.

In 1990 Colin joined forces with a fine gentleman John McGinty, of Alton Moves Group in Hampshire where he began working on a new version of Remstar under the company name of Easi-Move Software Limited. During his time at Easi-Move, and with huge thanks to John, he gained a wealth of industry knowledge by getting involved within the Removals & Storage business, as well as attending numerous BAR Area Meetings and BAR Annual Conferences held all over the UK & Ireland. However, he has never done a removal in his life, and doesn't intend too!

In 2004, after a failed management buyout Colin went on to form his own company Administer Software Limited and began working on Move Administer, which was released in 2006.

Today Move Administer is installed in 63 locations, running 107 companies, with 253 users, and a combined turnover of over £100 million - correct at July 2020

And Move Administer 2 is well into it's development phase and looking at a 2023 release date.

Colin Wynn has hosted 79 Episodes.