Episode 30

Moving Matters with Mike Andrews of Britannia Bradshaw Internatinal Removals & Storage


September 23rd, 2021

45 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

In this episode Mike Andrews, Managing Director of Britannia Bradshaw International Removals & Storage discusses how he began in the industry in 1995 after leaving university where his friend James invited him down to London for a few weeks to do some portering for Britannia Leatherbarrows which consequently led to David Trenchard offering Mike management training.

We discover that Britannia Bradshaw International Removals & Storage is two companies, one being based in Leicester (which Mike is involved in with Mark Herrington), and the other John Bradshaw & Son which owns and runs businesses in Manchester, Birmingham, and Stafford. Both companies run under the Britannia banner and offer domestic removals & storage, including international shipping. They also operate BCL Moving, which is more bespoke commercial moving services, and own a shredding plant in Leicester, and are belatedly getting involved in Self-Storage. And I am happy to discover that BCL Moving still run their pink liveried trucks, which were liveried in that way to promote a Breast Cancer Prevention Charity in Manchester.

We discuss challenges and Mike’s biggest was every removal man’s worst nightmare, a warehouse fire, which Mike says this is where you realise why you have insurance after such an event! And of course, Mike has the variety of daily challenges that come from dealing with people.

We discover that Mike would not change anything from his past because he cannot change them, however, Mike does learn from each making him better next time around.

We discuss Mike’s highpoint of being in the industry and it was becoming friends with the late Malcolm Halley, who not only was a great pal but a great teacher. Mike tells us that Malc was always happy, always enjoyed himself and never bore a grudge, no matter how hard things were, are or will be in business.

We discover that Mike would like the industry to celebrate more that what we provide is a really good and important service, and to have more pride in our staff, our service, and our price. We also discuss the current driver (and labour) shortage, and the use of low loaders within the industry.

We discuss that the advice Mike would give to himself just starting out in the industry is that your team is your business, and as almost all skills are learned if there is anything you cannot do either read a book or watch a video on the subject. And find yourself a mentor from within the industry.

We discover that in the next 5 years, personally as we are in strange seas at the minute Mike doesn’t know what opportunities may throw themselves up for businesses in that period but enjoys growth and changes; Industry wise, Mike says that the industry needs to keep polishing itself and setting itself apart from the man & van industry.

We discuss that outside of the industry Mike enjoys cycling, walking with the dogs and family, he’s a voracious reader, enjoys music and fly fishing.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story featuring a gendarme.


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