Episode 42

Moving Matters with Pauline Collins of The Voerman Group


March 24th, 2022

43 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode Pauline Collins, Partner Relations Manager of The Voerman Group discusses how she began her career 33 years ago in the International Moving market, starting in a Sales Support role at Anglo PacificPauline too is a fellow lifer of this wonderful industry.

The Voerman Group were founded in 1986, their headquarters are in The Hague, The Netherlands, and they have with locations in Moscow and Prague, service centres in Asia and the United States, and affiliations with companies in a variety of locations across the globe. The Voerman Group while predominantly international movers, also provide private and trade groupage solutions, commercial moving, and insurance solutions.

Pauline hasn’t had any great personal challenges to overcome, which she puts down to working with some truly great people, Sarah Rowlands, Paul Evans, Jack Dorrington, Nick Kerr, to name but a few, who supported and encouraged her to be the best version of herself. For the industry, the challenge is identifying and retaining talent.

The one thing Pauline would like to change from her past, and it is only a small regret, is that she didn’t take opportunities to work overseas.

Pauline’s highpoint of being within the industry is obviously being on Moving Matters! But, that aside, it’s the opportunity to meet people from so many different countries and walks of life, who have become good friends, and being recognised for her ability to go above and beyond.

Pauline would like the moving industry to become more sustainable, and I challenge Pauline on the rising costs borne to the customer to achieve this. Pauline would also like the industry to embrace technology more into our processes and thus stop being so traditional.

Pauline’s advice to just starting out in the industry is to be kind to herself, learn how to say no and that you don’t have to rule the world at an early age. Also, be confident in yourself and voice your ideas.

In the next 5 years, Pauline personally still sees herself at The Voerman Group and with the company being so diverse there are always opportunities within the group. For the industry Pauline hopes it will be more sustainable, and with shipment sizes shrinking companies will have to diversify, and continued consolidation of companies.

Outside of the industry Pauline enjoys exercise, especially running having participated in triathlons and half marathons, but today is more for pleasure. Pauline has recently taken up Yoga, she enjoys eating out, is quite partial to the odd Gin & Tonic, and is part of a WI.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story regarding a pickup truck in Cape Town.


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