Episode 53

Moving Matters with Adam Sinclair of Sterling Sinclair Removals


September 8th, 2022

30 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode Adam Sinclair, Managing Director of Sterling Sinclair Removals discusses how he began in the industry only 6 years ago (in 2016) at the tender age of 23, after experiencing removals several times during his professional rugby career.

Sterling Sinclair Removals have a fleet of 6/7 lutons/loloaders, a 18, a 15 and a 7.5 tonne truck. Storage wise Adam has 130 shipping containers in Sterling, with 110 shipping containers in Edinburgh, and 100 wooden 250 cuft containers in a rented warehouse. Adam has recently purchased additional land at his Sterling yard where he plans to add a further 100 shipping containers, together with a further 150 shipping containers in Edinburgh.

Adam faces challenges every day, with a business constantly expanding he ensures that the service levels are kept high, to keep up with the expectations of his clients. Also, in the early days how to price a job was a challenge, especially as Adam was a total newcomer to the industry.

The one thing Adam would change from his moving past would have been to obtain advice from fellow removers earlier or starting his career at a removal company.

In such a short space of time within the industry Adam has two highpoints, the first is acquiring a fellow competitor, and the second buying his first piece of land.

The one thing Adam would like to change within the industry is to make it more of a career for people or making the industry a recognised trade.

The advice that Adam would give himself just starting out in the industry again is to approach other removal companies and fellow removers for advice and finding a good mentor to look up to.

In the next 5 years Adam would like his own warehouse, and to add one or more trucks, but to make the removals side as efficient as possible and to become a recognised brand. Industry wise Adam see’s huge staffing problems, with removals being one of the hardest labour-intensive industries left, people find it physically to hard. Adam also see’s changes regarding the regulation of the smaller vehicles, such as luton/loloaders.

Outside of the industry Adam still plays rugby, albeit socially, where he still trains 3 times a week, and he enjoys a good run or a workout at the gym both pre and post the working day.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, regarding hired vans.


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