Episode 60

Moving Matters with Gerrard Halsey of Gerrard Halsey Video Surveys


January 26th, 2023

50 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode Gerrard Halsey, Founder of Gerrard Halsey Video Surveys, discusses how he stumbled into the industry back in 1996 as a 19 year old summer student to help out in the warehouse of Interconex, where 6 weeks turned into a 25 year career within the industry.

Gerrard was at Interconex for 4 years (1996-2000) before being made redundant after learning Interconex was being merged with Interdean, and in 2001 Gerrard began a very colourful and flourishing career at Crown Relocations, where after 4-5 years in the London office Gerrard was handed the task of setting up a new branch in Bristol from scratch. In 2013 Gerrard was also given the opportunity to relocate to Australia where he took over the Canberra branch.

Gerrard Halsey Video Surveys is a business Gerrard setup in 2019, after implementing video surveys for Crown Relocations in 2016. In 2020 Gerrard was in the right place at the right time, the pandemic provided Gerrard’s company with unprecedented growth, as the demand for video surveys grew. To clarify, Gerrard Halsey Video Surveys provide a video survey service using industry experienced individuals (becoming a wholesome sales extension of their clients), they do not provide video survey software.

One of Gerrard’s challenges, since starting his own business was the growth factor, and industry wise it’s the turbulent times we currently find ourselves in, and market saturation from the smaller companies starting up.

The one thing Gerrard would change from his moving past was his approach and mindset to the move to Australia, which probably took place at the wrong time in his life. However, Gerrard is delighted he went, and is grateful for the experience.

Gerrard has two highpoints of being within the industry, firstly, being awarded both the Branch of the Year and the Quality Branch of the Year for Crown Relocation in circa 2011, and secondly, to be given the opportunity to relocate to Australia.

The one thing Gerrard would like to change within the industry is for the decision makers to be less resistant to change (not only with technology) and to be more communicative.

The advice Gerrard would give himself just starting out within the industry again is to be flexible, protecting and preparing yourself for change when you least expect it.

In the next 5 years Gerrard very much hopes that his company is still leading video surveying within the industry and spread around the moving industry in all four corners of the planet. Industry wise Gerrard foresees more acquisitions, more use of technology and big investment into sustainability.

Outside of the industry Gerrard enjoys family life, he has two youngsters that keep him fit and healthy, he plays a bit of football, is the linesman for his daughter’s football club, and enjoys a game of snooker followed by a curry with his son.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, regarding an unexpected find inside a wardrobe.


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