Episode 68

Moving Matters with Rod Hepworth of It's Your Move Ilkley


May 25th, 2023

40 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Rod Hepworth, Director of It’s Your Move Ilkley, discusses how he began within the industry 23 years ago at the ripe old age of 40, after a life of many careers including a Cow Inseminator and a Professional DJ!

Rod founded It’s Your Move Ilkley in 2007, which provides mainly domestic moving, storage and packing services, local and national (although they do International too using forwarding agents), running 2 HGV’s, 4 low loaders, a panel van, and 7 members of staff.

It’s Your Move Ilkley have been members of Move Assured for the last 3 years but is hoping to join the British Association of Removers imminently.

Rod’s biggest challenges were learning to grow the business and become a professional company, and becoming VAT registered (in 2013) where he had to compete with local non-VAT registered movers.

The one thing Rod would like to change from his moving past is to learn the industry quicker.

Rod hopes his highpoint of being within the industry is still to come (even at the age of 63!) but believes joining the BAR will be one. Covid, or rather the Stamp Duty Holiday was a highpoint (the golden age of removals).

The one thing Rod would like to change within the industry is the conveyancing system which Rod says is outdated and disjointed. Rod would also like to see the VAT threshold lowered.

The advice Rod would give himself just starting out within the industry again is to do it 20 years earlier!

In the next 5 years Rod hopes to be doing a little bit less, delegating a little bit more, and It’s Your Move Ilkley to continue being successful. Industry wise Rod sees no major changes, he doesn’t believe in legislation for the 3.5 tonners, or that electric vehicles will make too much of an impact.

Outside of the industry Rod follows football, sponsoring his local team Guiseley, but his passion lies with Manchester United. Rod also loves traveling, music and attending concerts, Rod is a big Bruce Springsteen fan!

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, regarding Mrs Mad.


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