Episode 73

Moving Matters with Matt Faizey of M&G Movers & Storers


August 10th, 2023

1 hr 34 mins

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About this Episode

In this episode a very fired up Matt Faizey, Managing Director of M&G Movers & Storers, continues what started as a pre-recording discussion on the so called 3.5 tonne brigade, where Matt makes his views on the subject very clear indeed.

Matt began in the industry delivering mahogany and new furniture on Saturday mornings from the tender age of 14 (circa 1993), for his father’s sideline, although Matt’s target in life was to become a barrister or journalist.

M&G Movers & Storers are based in the Midlands and turnover between £1-1.3m a year, £400k of that being from storage and the rest from domestic moving. M&G Movers & Storers USP is that they do not subcontract any work whatsoever, interact with other firms, or bring in any outsiders, and no employee is on less than a full 40-hour week annual basis.

Matt was previously heavily involved within the industry, but has been rather quiet in recent years, and explains why.

Matt has had several challenges, many of which were personal, and family rated, but still concerned the business, and is very lucky to have the support of his extremely suffering other half Donna.

Jokingly the one thing Matt would change from his moving past is to have never done it in the first place, however, if he hadn’t had then he probably wouldn’t had met Donna, his now wife. On a more serious note, Matt would have liked to have got a better education of the industry sooner.

Matt’s highpoint of being within the industry is his wife staying with him! Again, on a more serious note it’s the privilege that he has had to experience all ends of the industry, and also watching people develop skills in an industry that most people regard as unskilled and uneducated, and become a professional removalist. Another highlight is the money!

The one thing Matt would like to change within the industry is to bring the entire industry together and have one collective voice, which can then be used to be heard, in which Matt makes a strong case for, and for those within the industry to get educated and learn the system in which you operate within.

The advice Matt would give himself just starting out within the industry again is, apart from keeping his mouth shut, to understand the gravity of what you are getting into.

In the next 5 years Matt hopes to have caught up with growing the revenue of the company that he should have done in the past 5 years or have left the industry. Industry wise, what happens with the efforts of a mandated key release time and/or atomic settlement and how the industry reacts to it, and also what happens next economically.

Outside of the industry Matt enjoys motor racing in which he participates, time with his wife and children (which should have come first, but Matt has petrol flowing through his veins!) and reading.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story regarding a survey, and Matt provides an interesting story about witness relocation.


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