Episode 76

Moving Matters with David Ozard of John Mason International Movers


January 11th, 2024

59 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode David Ozard, General Manager of John Mason International Movers discusses how he began in the industry some 50 years ago, and believes he’s only spent 2 weeks working outside of the industry! David started life as a remover in his father’s company based in Rochdale and has spent the past 31 years at John Mason International Movers.

John Mason International Movers are based in Liverpool but do have a Southern operation in Hemel Hempstead. They are one of the largest shippers ex-UK Worldwide, and only offer international moving (deep sea and airfreight) and storage, working with partner agents from all over the world.

One of David’s challenges is that he comes from Bolton, but joking aside, it’s the work ethic and enjoyment of working within the industry that can clearly bring the personal rewards.

The one thing David would change from his moving past would have been to move off the vans and into management sooner to protect his health and body.

David has two highpoints of being within the industry, becoming General Manager of John Mason International Movers which came to David as a shock, and becoming Chairman of the MTC (Movers Trading Club).

The one thing David would like to change within the industry is the Ombudsman, which David believes is setup wrong as it’s sometimes used as a blackmail for clients to use against the remover.

The advice David would give himself, just starting out within the industry again, is to work hard, play hard, and to stay in the best hotels!

In the next 5 years David dreams of retirement, but realistically he enjoys work too much (even though he keeps checking his pension), so he still sees himself at John Mason International Movers. Industry wise David doesn’t know what the next 5 years holds as he believes it changes so much with challenge after challenge.

Outside of the industry David enjoys sport, watching more than playing (especially football at grassroots level) but he did pay Rugby Union in his younger days. David also enjoys reading, walking (due to his new hips!) and watching foreign subtitled TV.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, in fact two, one regarding falling asleep in a moving van, and the other regarding the use of a client’s clothing.


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