Episode 84

Moving Matters with Jason Hayes of D. Durrant Removals & Storage


May 9th, 2024

40 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, third-generation remover, Jason Hayes, Owner of D. Durrant Removals & Storage discusses how he began within the industry working Saturdays for the family business at the age of 13, and his first real memory of an overnighter was a removal with his father to Dundee, at the tender age of 6!

D. Durrant Removals & Storage was purchased by Jason in 2001, and together with his brother (Wayne) they also purchased their uncle’s company, Turners Removals 3 years ago. D. Durrant Removals & Storage are 95% domestic removals, with a full-time team of 15, running a variety of vehicles (but none more than 12 tonne these days), and house 400 containers across 3 warehouses.

Jason believes he’s been quite lucky over the years but one of his challenges was (and still is) trying to find that work/lifestyle balance.

Jason would like to change two things from his moving past, firstly, to have spent more time working on the business rather than in it, and secondly, to have invested into buying property rather than renting.

Jason’s highpoint of being within the industry is buying Turners Removals, not only because it was in the family before Jason was born, but he managed to secure the future of the company and gets to work alongside his brother.

The one thing Jason would like to change within the industry is that the average man on the street knew about the BAR (British Association of Removers) and it was therefore more recognised by the general public.

The advice Jason would give himself just starting out within the industry again is not to be so trusting and gullible, and to step back sometimes and take everything at face value.

In the next 5 years Jason would like to go part time and into semi-retirement (well in 3 years actually at the age of 55). Industry wise, Jason does believe that the BAR will get on top of the key release issue our industry is constantly plagued by.

Outside of the industry Jason has many a hobby, mainly around sports. Jason has 3 season tickets and can therefore often be found at football matches, he goes competition fishing with his brother and father, he has shares in a couple of greyhounds, and when time does permit, he can be found, military style, on the golf course.

And as always, we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story regarding Christmas.


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