Episode 10

Moving Matters with the BAR Young Movers Group Council - Part 1 of 2


November 26th, 2020

1 hr 11 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Episode 10 is part 1 of a 2 part recording with the BAR Young Movers Group Council, which consists of Chairman Ciaran Mullarkey, Deputy Chairman Mairead Almandras, Immediate Past Chairman Daniel Braddock and fellow councillors, Michael Dunbar, Alexandra Lane, Tommy McNee and Calvin Tickner.

We discover that Michael is 33 and works for McGimpsey’s in Belfast, Mairead is 29 and works for Britannia Sanderstead’s in Surrey, Tommy is 33 and works for Guardian Moving & Storage in Edinburgh, Alexandra (the baby of the group) is 22 and works for Britannia Lanes in Devon, Calvin is 28 and works for The Eurogroup, Ciaran is 38 (and not 28 as I mistakenly wrote down!), and works for George Pickersgill & Son and Daniel is 32 and works for GB Liners.

We discuss the BAR Young Movers Group as a whole and discover from Ciaran that the group networks and socialises together, and have previously sold out 3 educational events, held at remover locations in Birmingham, Cardiff and Brighton, with Belfast on the calendar for 2021.

We discover from Daniel that membership has just been launched, at the mere cost of £55 + VAT per year, and is available to BAR and non-BAR members, with non-BAR members requiring individual membership too at the cost of £100 + VAT per year. Being that it is a group for ‘young movers’, there is a cut-off age of 40. We discover from Calvin that there was a Young Movers Group in the past and how he set about resurrecting it.

When asked who has the aspirations to become the next BAR President, Ciaran threw Calvin’s name into the ring before both agreeing that Mr GB (Daniel) was first off.

We then delve into each council member and discover how they got started in the industry, discovering their previous roles as well as their current. We discover that 3 work within the family business, thus being Mairead, Alexandra and Calvin, and that Ciaran is a partner of George Pickersgills & Son. We discover that Calvin went to University in Nottingham, chosen purely on the ratio of women to men! And we discover that Dan is a 3rd generation remover.

We discover the personal challenges of each, Michael losing his driving licence, Mairead being sent to a Young Movers Conference in Budapest not knowing anyone, but it really helped with her confidence, Tommy not being taken seriously as a 22 year young project manager, as well as losing his father on a job, Alexandra has had no challenges as yet but there is the child of the boss syndrome that goes with the territory, as Mairead, Calvin and Ciaran also discuss, and Dan’s biggest challenge was moving from the operative side of the business to the office and into management.

We discus what each person would change from their moving past, even though they are all so young, and discover that most would not change anything, yet. Calvin regrets not starting out on the vans and holding back at conference due to nerves, Ciaran would have joined the BAR earlier and Dan would have joined GB Liners earlier.

And Calvin corrects me!! I had mistakenly taken down the age of one guest and Calvin just wanted to set the record straight, much to the dismay of Ciaran, who is actually 38 and not 28 as I had noted, and is therefore nearly no longer a young mover! 😊


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