Episode 50

Moving Matters with Mark Tresler of Britannia Movers International plc


July 28th, 2022

50 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode Mark Tresler, Managing Director of Britannia Movers International discusses how he began his career in the industry joining Britannia almost 19 years ago as a temporary financial controller on a 6 month contract.

Britannia Movers International is a co-operative of likeminded business owner/managers who all trade under the same brand and are shareholders within Britannia. Britannia consists of approximately 35 companies in 40 depots around the UK, 2 in South Africa and 1 in Spain. Britannia provide imports, exports, UK corporate, UK international and military relocations.

Mark explains that Britannia are looking for new members, specifically in Scotland, Cumbria, Coventry, Reading and Maidenhead, to name a few areas. Membership requirements are that 2 vehicles are liveried at the start of the relationship, BAR membership (or an intention to join) and BSEN12522.

Mark has had several challenges in his 19 years, the main ones being the financial side of Britannia when he first joined (as a temp), finding a warehouse to purchase or land to build a warehouse upon having spent 13 years in Croydon, and more recently the pandemic.

The one thing Mark would like to change from his moving past would have been to possibly find the time and/or the reason to go out on surveys and removals.

Mark’s highpoint of being within the industry is becoming Managing Director, a position he has held for 11 years now and is probably the longest serving, and also putting his mark on the annual Britannia Conferences, by taking them to places members wouldn’t have necessarily gone on their own accord.

Mark would like to change two things within the industry, the first being the conveyancing system, and the second being to move away from the noisy, smelly, diesel vehicles and onto electric (or any alternative fuel).

The advice Mark would give himself just starting out in the industry is to enjoy it, because life would be really dull if every day was exactly the same, but every day in our industry brings different challenges to rise to.

In the next 5 years Mark would see himself 5 years closer to retirement, and that Britannia has a succession plan for as and when Mark decides to call it a day. Industry wise Mark does think we could go through a downturn in business in the next couple of years with talk of recession and costs continuing to rise.

Outside of the industry Mark enjoys walking and reading, especially the Jack Reacher novels (by Lee Child) and a bit of Jeffrey Archer, and Mark plays occasional (due to lack of opportunity) golf.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, or not in Mark’s case as he admits to never actually moved house.


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