Episode 51

Moving Matters with Max Kreynin of Voxme Software Inc


August 11th, 2022

40 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode Max Kreynin, Managing Partner of VoxMe Software discusses how he began as a fellow supplier to the industry some 22 years ago after being told by his brother to develop tech for moving.

VoxMe Software is a Canadian based company, with offices and staff in Israel, Europe and the Far East, and they provide mobile apps for pre-move surveys, digital inventory control, scanning and label printing, a full stack move management system for removals, a fine art logistics system and a virtual survey app. All the inside and practical knowledge of the apps is down to Max’s brother Roman who was a mover from 1991 until 2017 when he sold his successful moving company.

Max’s biggest challenge has been the lack of technological savviness from the owners and upper management to trust their own staff to just go and learn to use mobile apps.

The one thing Max would like to change from his moving past as a supplier to the industry is to have taken a bottom-up approach rather than his top-down approach and developed the portal first rather than the full move management system.

Max’s highpoint of being within the industry was being on a digital inventory webinar at an IAM conference when a VoxMe client came on to explain that their crews are craftsmen and craftsmen require not only good tools but tools they can trust.

Max would like to change the way movers think when changing from paper to digital, and implement gradual changes, starting simple and letting the process take you to the next level naturally, rather than this need to change every single process and create havoc.

The advice Max would give himself just starting out in the industry again is to have learned to delegate and trust other people earlier.

In the next 5 years Max hopes to see VoxMe as the standard digital inventory infrastructure for the moving industry. Industry wise, Max see’s two extremes, the traditional movers will remain busy as the demand for them will be stronger, but there will also be an increase in smaller contractors as bookers/brokers/move managers move towards an Uber working style.

Outside of the industry Max likes to meditate and work out, and he does get to switch off and turn on ‘airplane mode’ when away from the workplace.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, regarding biowaste modern art.


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