Episode 72

Moving Matters with Adam Chudley of B K Moving & Storage Group


July 27th, 2023

50 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode Adam Chudley, Director of B K Moving & Storage Group discusses how he got involved within the industry about 20 years ago, although he feels he was born into the industry as he is the son of Mark Chudley (episode 23) and grandson of Derek Blatchford.

B K Moving & Storage Group are based in Exeter and trade under the names of Blatchford’s International, King & Kearey and Westcountry Removals. Blatchford’s was started by Adam’s great grandfather Walter Blatchford in the 1930’s, making Adam a fourth-generation remover! B K Moving offer local and national removals, some commercial and specialise in International, but not so much European due to changes in recent years. They have a 13,000 sqft containerised warehouse, and currently run 3 trucks and 1 van, employ 5 with a crew of 3.

Adam’s challenges have been related to family businesses, starting with working within the family business (Chudley Moving & Shipping), then leaving the industry for a few years in an emergency, which was unplanned and happened overnight, to help with another family business, and finally returning to the industry in his current role within another family business.

Adam doesn’t believe in changes from his past, but more what lessons has he learned, ‘bend from the knees’ being one! However, Adam is sad that his time out of the industry coincided with Mark’s (Dad) BAR Presidency.

Adam’s personal highpoint of being within the industry was his last BAR Conference in Bournemouth, which not only did he attend with his father and grandfather, but also gave a presentation on the BAR Young Movers Group, which he was involved in at the time.

After hearing several previous podcast episodes regarding regulating the 3.5 tonne brigade, Adam would controversially not like to have additional regulation in place but would rather push DVSA to use the laws already in place. However, he would like to change the key handover and the way the industry is treated by the Estate Agent/Solicitor, and encourages every mover to not only have a strict waiting time charge policy but to enforce it too.

The advice Adam would give himself (or gave himself recently) just starting out within the industry again is to network – as an industry we are very friendly and are prepared to share a lot of information.

In the next 5 years Adam will transition more into working on his own as David (Adam’s business partner) will be looking at retirement. Industry wise, Adam doesn’t see any huge changes, apart from truck and van technology that will be enforced upon us, but he does believe we have an interesting couple of years ahead due to the current economic climate.

Adam’s current situation does allow him to have a good work/life balance, so, outside of the industry he is a football fan (a season ticket holder at Bristol City FC), enjoys family time with his wife and 2 daughters and has a passion for the theatre and amateur dramatics.

And as always we end Moving Matters with a funny moving story, regarding a previous podcast guest, Mr Neil Purdie (episode 47) himself.


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